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(Equipment: any piece of electronic equipment such as an LCD TV, DVD recorder, VCR, cassette tape deck, remote control, laptop computer, industrial control board, vacuum cleaner etc.

After-market parts: non genuine parts of higher, equal or poorer quality and of the same, higher or suitable specifications used to replace the original part.


Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs:  Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs, 135a Marion Road, Richmond, Adelaide, SA, 5033. Phone (08) 84434427, email:

  The following terms and conditions should not be interpreted so as to exclude any rights, warranties, conditions, guarantees, remedies, compensations or claims etc which can not be excluded under Australian consumer law or any other applicable rights, warranties, conditions, guarantees, remedies, compensations or claims etc which can not be excluded under Australian law.

3 month warranty

  For a period of 3 months after a repair has been picked up or is in the customers possession, Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs will repair or rectify any fault in the equipment caused due to faulty workmanship, materials or parts, provided that:

(a) the equipment has not received physical damage, abuse or improper use.

(b) the equipment has not been tampered with by the customer, other service personnel or anyone else outside of Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs.

(c) the fault that has occurred is not a fault other than the fault that was repaired.

(d) the fault was not caused by the customer or anyone else outside of Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs.

(e) the equipment is returned to Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs free of charge.

Please also note: In the case of second-hand or even new parts, especially expensive parts such as main boards for LED LCD TVs etc, if the parts suppliers warranty is less than 3 months, the parts proportion of the warranty may only extend as far as the parts suppliers warranty.


  Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs may retain possession of equipment until any debt owing for repair of the equipment is paid in full.

  Second hand and after-market parts may be used in the repair of equipment if the cost of obtaining new or genuine parts would be excessive or if new or genuine parts are no longer available etc, if you would prefer only new or genuine parts be used, please contact us and let us know and if it is possible only new or genuine parts will be used. If it is not possible the customer will be informed before proceeding with the repair

  Old boards, parts etc removed from equipment during repairs, unless otherwise advised by the customer, may be retained by us and used for parts, recycled or disposed of.

Free quotes

  If a free quote is taking too long or is likely to take a long time. For example, if a quote is taking many hours to diagnose a fault or diagnosis plus itemisation and cost of parts required for a repair is likely to take an excessive amount of time etc, it may be unreasonable to continue with the quote on a free quote basis. In which case, the customer will be informed and either a minimum and maximum estimation of the cost for repair will be given, or a quote fee of $15 to $45 will be charged to complete the quote. If the quote is accepted, the quote fee will be included in the total repair costs.


  Payment is generally made before or when the equipment is picked up. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, direct deposit and PayID (see below) or by card.

  Cash, cheque, direct deposit or PayID is preferred as we incur a fee when paying by card or eftpos.

Bank account details for direct deposit:

           Account name:  Cheap TV Repairs
                            BSB:  015228
       Account number:  191819982


                  or    PayID:  0410411136

  If paying by direct deposit or PayID (if not making the payment at the shop), please call first for further instructions Ph: 08 84434427.  


  Equipment left for repair is at the customers own risk and any damage or loss due to accidental breakage, fire, theft, burglary, accidental loss etc is at the customers own risk and the customer releases Cheap TV Video Audio Repairs, its owner or any of its employees or associated parties from any liability for loss or damage to their equipment whilst in our possession.

Terms and conditions

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